Do You Have a Blog That Reaches Moms or Wahms?

March 28, 2013 | Comments Off on Do You Have a Blog That Reaches Moms or Wahms?

If you are writing your blog to reach the mom or WAHM population, then I have to ask you this, “Do you ever run out of things to write about?”

I do all the time!  It is hard to keep a blog going continuously, and if you tell me no it isn’t, “would you please be a guest writer for my blog?”  Because I run out of things to write all the time!

It is hard work keeping a blog up to date and timely.  It is hard to always find information to help WAHM’s stay ahead of the business game.  It is just down right tough sometimes.

I will admit, sometimes I cheat (well sort of but not really).  I rely on others sometimes for my ideas and posts.  How do I do that?  It is simple, sometimes I buy PLR Articles.

What are PLR Articles?  They are very simply articles written by someone else that I purchase, change up a little bit and then post on my blog.  Basically no one knows that these posts are not your own, because you do change them up a bit to add your flair and make them your own.

PLR Articles are yours to do what you want with.  Heck, you can turn them into an ebook of your own if you wanted to.

I have written a lot of PLR Articles in the past so you can go back and look at these posts later if you want to know more about PLR Articles.  What I want to get to, was the fact that there are some great articles out right now, by my favorite PLR author Nicole Dean.

Mommy Blogger, is the name of her latest PLR package and I think anybody who writes for the mommy population or has a WAHM customer who writes to the mommy population will love this package.  It has 10 articles directed specifically to the Moms and WAHMs of the world.

Here are the Article Titles you will find in the Mommy Blogger package;

  1. The Buying Habits of Moms

  2. Moms: Caregiver and Provider

  3. The Power of the “Mommy Blogger”

  4. Online Sales: How Moms and Women Buy Online

  5. Viral Marketing with Mom Bloggers

  6. Popular Brands: Taking Notice of Mom Bloggers

  7. How Mom Bloggers Have Become So Popular

  8. Mistakes Companies Make with Mom Bloggers

  9. Product Review Perks: Have Brands Gone Too Far?

  10. Starting a Mom Blog: What’s the Motivation?

Cost is under $15 for 10 articles that could make your life much easier when you run out of things to write about and for just a dollar and a half an article.

Take a look around, Nicole has many more PLR Articles that you might find of interest for your blog or the blog of your customers.  Become an affiliate of Nicole’s and promote these packages to your reading audience, they will love you for it and you could earn 50% commissions on every sale.

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