Great Activities for Kids in Summers

June 8, 2010 | Comments Off on Great Activities for Kids in Summers

The summer vacation has just started and there are long days of holidays ahead. Since it is not a good idea to take your children to water parks, carnivals and museums every day, therefore, work at home moms must find some fun-filled activities to do at home. Let’s discuss some kind of summer activities for children, while the mom work.

  • Be creative with play dough: Kids of any age enjoy using play dough to make some actual items. This is a creative activity for children as well as young toddlers. Playing with dough enhance the imagination in your child and creates fun at the same time.

  • Fun with water: Every child enjoy playing in water and in summers with warmer days, this can be the perfect way to keep them busy. Take a bathing tub and fill it with bubble bath for some fun and splatter. Put small toys in the tub and let your child play with them while having splash in water.

  • Keep them busy: If your child does not like to sit idle for long, you may keep him busy by handing them an old worn out appliances like phone or mixer. This will keep the curious children occupied, as they will love to take objects apart and see how it works.

  • Blow bubbles: Children love blowing bubbles of varying sizes and get happy as they see them flying, and reflecting rainbow colors. You may find various types of bubble guns available in the market.

  • Try Origami: Every kid likes to do paper art. Keep them busy with origami projects. Initially, hand them some old newspapers or magazines. They will be happy to see their beautiful creations coming out from used papers.

  • Cleaning house: Allow your children to help you in cleaning doors and windows of your house. Give them a spray bottle and a cloth and let them clean the windows, doors, fridge and furniture. Your children will get busy with cleaning activity and you will get a cleaner house and some time to spare for yourself.

  • Picnic in a tent: Pull out some old sheets and make a tent out of them for your children. You can make a tent in the backyard of your house or at some convenient place where you can easily watch them. Remember, to prepare a tent in a shady area. Give your children some snacks to eat in their new abode.

  • Little bit of gardening: Cultivate a small portion of garden with your children. Plant the seeds of your favorite vegetables and let your children tend and harvest the garden. This teach your child to be responsible and what’s more, they will love eating the vegetables they have seen growing.


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