Attraction Marketing – Becoming a “Go to Person”

January 13, 2010 | Comments Off on Attraction Marketing – Becoming a “Go to Person”

The first time a person encounters the term, “go to person”, they may not fully understand its meaning, or its significance in business. In simple terms, a “go to person” is someone who is sought after and respected for his or her expertise on a subject.

The value of a “go to person” increases significantly when there are fewer experts to be found on a subject. It’s supply and demand – the more people with the knowledge, the less valuable the information. The fewer people with the knowledge – the more valuable the information and the person with that information.

For example: Let’s assume that you have always been fascinated with the number of hours a deck of cards are used in Nome, Alaska before the corners are bent. You’ve done surveys for years on this subject; attended countless card games in Nome; and besides knowing the average number of times cards are used before they are bent at the corners, you’ve amassed a large amount of information about survival in Nome, Alaska’s wilderness from listening to the locals.

Now, who’s going to be the most sought after “go to person” on the subject of testimonies of surviving Nome, Alaska’s wilderness by the card playing locals. You will be, and that makes you a very valuable “go to person”.


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