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June 27, 2009 | Comments Off on Google Page Rank

How much do you worry about Google Page Ranks?

I try not to worry too much but, when my ranking goes from a 3 to a 0 over night, I have found myself obsessed with figuring out what went wrong.  How did I take that big a hit over night?  Did I change something so drastic (NO), did I say something to piss of the google gods (I don’t think so?)

So what the heck happened?  And better yet…. why do I spend hours worrying about it?  Could be tomorrow it will be back to a 3, or a 1 or, it could just stay at a 0 and really probably put me into a mental institution trying to figure out how it happened and why.

I think I need more caffeine to figure this out, I’ll get back to worrying in a little bit.


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