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April 3, 2009 | Comments Off on Free eBooks

I just cleaned out my hard drive.. okay… am in the process of cleaning out my hard drive.  Anyway, I ran across all these great ebooks that I have been saving for a rain day apparently. Duh!

So, it is time to get these out for you to use and enjoy.  There is some great stuff here for the WAHM, for the stay at home dad, for anybody as a matter of fact who has chosen to work from home.

These are yours to do with as you please, keep them (selfish though, you should share them with others like you), give them to your clients, customers, and downlines.  You can give them away as a gift for people signing up for your list (great idea!).  Some of these books you are even allowed to sell if you want, just check the authors requirements.

There are no strings attached to these books, NO EMAIL ADDRESS needed, no signing up for anything.  Just Download and save.  Share them with others though, don’t let them collect dust on your hard drive like I was doing, (just a bad move!).

Look under the pages section for ……. FREE eBooks…… Great name huh?  I will be adding more and more as I find the great hiding places I put them in!  Enjoy and Come Back Often to find more!


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