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January 30, 2009 | Comments Off on Creating Ebooks

Did you know that you could create your own eBooks and sell them for profit?

This is one of the most dynamic opportunities online. What is the internet for? Well, some would say entertainment. But the main purpose, and the reason it was established in the first place, is to create an environment where you can find information about Anything…


That’s what it is all about. Well, there is opportunity for you. And it’s fun! If you like to write. If you don’t like writing, this opportunity might not be for you…but, there are still ways around this.

Do you have any interests? Any talents? Any knowledge others would find useful?

There are endless things you can write about that would be of interest to many people online. And if it’s done well and marketed right, you can sell your knowledge in the form of an eBook AND make a lot of money.

There are different formats you can use to create eBooks. You can create them as a PDF file or an EXE (executable file).

PDF is the most widely used format in the world. I’m seeing more and more eBooks utilizing it.

So think about it. There are many ways eBooks can be marketed. There are various ways to profit with them. They have many uses… You could literally give them away and still profit just by having your affiliate links in them.

For those of you who don’t like to write, don’t let that stop you. There are still plenty of companies out there that offer Private Label Rights (PLR) to articles that they write and you buy from them. This is the perfect way to get into the ebook business and never write a word. There is nothing shady or wrong with this practice, it is used by some of the greats on the internet today.

Two fantastic places you can go to get your own PLR articles; one is the master who literally started the PLR industry Jimmy D. Brown at, you probably can’t find better articles than what Jimmy puts out. Now with that said, he has teamed up with Nicole Dean (one of my person favorites) of to put out some great material that I have personally taken advantage of.

Either way, if you love to write, make and ebook and sell it, give it away how ever you choose but you are sure to make money from it. If you can’t write, don’t let that stop you, go see Jimmy at or Nicole at and let the profits roll in from your ebook sales.


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